• How do I get started?
    During the registration process, you provide your top level domain (e.g. walmart.com), and we will quickly run a check to see which pricing tier you fall into. From there, registration can be completed and you will be provided access to your personalized Control Panel. We continually refresh the data so it's always up to date. If you wish, you can also add more domains to track from your Control Panel.
  • Can my account display data for multiple domains?
    Yes, but each domain must also be authenticated first to ensure you are the owner of the domains.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost is tiered based on your site ranking. Upon registering, we ask you to enter the domain(s) you wish to see data for, and we run a simple check to see which pricing tier your domain falls into. Pricing begins at $500 per month per subscription depending on your size.
  • Can I set up an account for a domain I do not own?
    No, otherwise our service would be a fantastic resource for cyber criminals! Once you sign up, we ask you to go through a very simple authentication process to confirm you are the owner (or at least a representative) of the domain you wish to see data for.
  • Can I export the data?
    Yes, all of the data we provide you is available in a variety of electronic formats.



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