Maximize your advertising spend with Desvio Intelligence

Graphic adspend

How many typosquatted Web sites are hosting your Google and Yahoo ads? Desvio reveals them so you can block your ads from being displayed on fraudulent Web sites.

Maximize your advertising spend
Typosquatters use your Google and Yahoo ads to drive traffic back to your site, wasting your ad spend.  Desvio tells you which sites are stealing your advertising dollars so you can block access to them.

Drive more traffic to your site
By blocking typosquatters’ access to ads, your online ad spend is displayed across legitimate sites, driving more qualified traffic back to your site. Learn more

Database updated continuously
Typosquatters make it hard for you to keep track of fraudulent activity by moving fast. That’s why we update our database several times per week to help you stay ahead of the criminals. Learn more