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10% of all domains directly entered into a browser by a user are misspelled, leading to over 7%* of your site's total traffic being diverted to typosquatted Web sites. Desvio's Typo Intelligence Engine (TIE) reveals all domains infringing upon your brand and more.

Maximize your advertising spend

Typosquatters use your Google and Yahoo ads to drive traffic back to your site, wasting your ad spend. Desvio tells you which sites are stealing your advertising dollars and how popular they. Learn more

Drive more traffic to your site

Thousands of users misspell your doomain or enter a variation of it to reach specific content on your site (e.g. We tell you which non-registered domains are popular so you can purchase them and maximize the direct traffic flowing to your Web site. Learn more

Protect your online brand

Desvio's patented Typo Intelligence Engine (TIE) shows you all domains infringing upon your brand and breaks them down by category and popularity. Learn more

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